Winning at the Nottingham casino

Here comes a story about a good night at the Nottingham casino. I went there Saturday night last weekend with my good old friend James. We bought said we would stop by and play some poker. The strategy for both of us was to be there for about 1 hour. Play a tight game and then get the money in and leave. The night didn’t really go according to plans though.

The first problem was the we lost about £100 before we even reached the poker tables. James insisted on us playing some blackjack first. Let me tell you this, that was not a good idea. We lost all that in less then 15 minutes.

So with a bit of damaged confidence we ended up sitting down at the poker table. The plan was to play tight but I ended up as one of the more loose player on the table. It was however something that happened just because I kept getting premium hands every third hand basically. The stakes we played was £1/2 with a £200 buy in.

I doubled up to £400 on one of my early hands. A older man on the button raised to £10 on the cut off and I called with J,10 on the button. Flop was j,5,6 rainbow. He then checked and I bet half pot. He then check raised me and I basically realized his a fish by then. I was still worried about this situation though as I felt he might have a better hand. I called his raise and turn was a 10. He then betted pot and I went all in and he called. He showed pocket king and my top two pair stood up as the river was a blank card.

About 10 minutes later it was my turn to have pocket kings. A younger player at the table then raised and I 3 betted him preflop. He called me and flop was queen high. He betted I called him. Turn was a low card and he bet again and I called. River was another queen and he went all in. Now I felt horrible but decided to call that bet anyway. Turns out he had pocket jacks and I won another pot, this time the size of it was £600. I was now up £500 in less then 15 minutes at the poker table. Thank god we didnt stay any longer at the blackjack table.

Meanwhile James kept loosing most of his hands so it really wasn’t his night at all. We decided to leave after 1 hour and went out to the Nottingham night life. I ended up paying for the alcohol and entrance fee´s this night so at the end of the day also James could have a smile on his face.


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