Dusk Till Dawn Casino – Playing Poker at Nottingham’s Largest

Waiting for a player to clear a gaming machine or the table at a casino is one of the most boring and time wasting things in the gambling world. This is why the casinos with the largest space are a favourite to many. With its 45 tables capable of seating up to 450 players at a go, the Dusk Till Dawn Casino is definitely a haven for poker lovers in Nottingham.

Its breath taking capabilities make it a regular poker tournament venue. Having hosted a variety of national and international Poker Tours, this casino is a sensational destination for any true poker lover. Bumping into master poker players swarming the floors or seated on the 450 seats, be it in a regular in house event or a Poker Tour is a common thing.

In addition to this, the Dusk Till Dawn Casino also offers a wide variety of casino games to give players the much-deserved break between gruelling poker games. Blackjack, roulette and a myriad of slot machines are more than enough. However, these games take the sideshow as the main thing in Dusk Till Dawn Casino is poker. To people who do not comprehend the ways of poker, this is too much for a simple casino game. However, if you cherish this game, there is no better place to be at in the whole of Nottingham.

With many people having this casino on their top wanted list, booking the casino in advance, especially if a major tournament is going down will guarantee you some space on the 450 seats. This, therefore, makes the casino a perfect destination for a planner and an ill-fitting option for impromptu gamblers. Taking time to plan the trip in advance not only guarantees you space in the poker room but also ensures that you get some drinks at the exquisite bar.

Even though the bar can only 250 people, a slightly inferior number in comparison to the poker room’s capabilities, the possibility of all players flocking into the bar makes it a soothing place to be at. Combining this with the wide variety of gourmet snacks on offer and you have every reason to take a bite or two between the games to get the energy you need to keep going.

If you like munching at something during the games, the valet services on the player tables will definitely keep you juiced up through the tough sections of the tournament. Smoking in the poker room is however prohibited though smokers will find the enclosed and air conditioned smoking area quite welcoming. To crown it there is a large private parking lot that guarantees the safety of your car as you have yourself a good time within the folds of this gambling haven.

Casino Till Dawn Membership is free. However, due to the large number of people visiting the casino, you have to register for a day beforehand via the website and produce your membership card at the gate once you visit. For those who cannot show up in person, the casinos online poker site or iPoker network should be a worthy replacement.


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