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A Visit to the Nottingham Racecourse

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

If you’re out and about in Nottingham, it’s worth noting that casinos aren’t the only locations to place a punt, and while playing the slots and tables can be good sometimes it’s just good to get out and about away from the city.

The Nottingham Racecourse

If you’re looking to see a man about a bet on a horse, then the Nottingham Racecourse is for you. The site features two separate racetracks, with each one being used at different times of the year. The tracks are about one and a half miles long and are both left-handed. One has a five-furlong straight while the other has a six furlong straight, and they both have mostly easy turns. The spectator side of the course is also split into two parts – the Premier Enclosure and the Grandstand Enclose. The former has better views as well as access to the Sherwood restaurant and a private lawn. The latter allows access to the Winners’ Enclosure, as well as various places to eat and bet.nottingham1
As far as betting goes, it works like most racecourses. In addition to the venue’s tote there are also many separate bookmakers about, so when you’re there, it’s worth looking around for the best odds. If you’re new to racecourse betting then you should know that your bet is pooled, so your winnings depend on the number of other punters.

Additionally, there are two main bets you can place on the races – a win-only and an each-way. The first is fairly self-explanatory – you win if your horse does. An each-way means you win if the horse places in the top three. An each-way usually costs more to place but has considerably better odds.

Eating and Sleeping

Betting isn’t the only thing to do. While the horses are the main attraction, there are other things to help make the day pleasant too. The site has its own high-class restaurant – Sherwood’s – as well as numerous food stands and other places to eat, such as a fish and chips place and a café bar. There are also some other regular bars. You can also bring your own food and make a picnic of it; the sites lawns and open spaces make it ideal. It is worth noting that while you can purchase alcohol on site, you can’t bring it in with you.nottingham2
If you want to stay overnight, the Nottingham Racecourse is still quite close to the city itself, so there are numerous hotels for you to stay in, and the racecourse’s proximity to the city centre means you can visit both in a single trip quite easily. The closest accommodation to the racecourse itself is probably the Colwick Hall Hotel, a renovated Georgian stately home which has views over the course itself.

What to Bring

If you plan on going to the races, there are a couple of things that might be worth bringing. One of these is cash – you can pay the tote by card but many of the individual bookies will only accept cash. Remember too that if you bring a camera you have to disable the flash. A pair of binoculars can come in handy if you want to see the horses from far out as well.

The site hosts numerous races but also other events such as concerts, so it’s worth checking to see what’s on as betting isn’t the only thing available. The racecourse’s website has a calendar available for you to see what’s on. Whatever might be going on, it’s a fine place for a day out if you live in Nottingham or are just visiting.