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Gambling At Admiral Casino: The Lion Nottingham

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Gambling at the Admiral Casino: The Lion can be a great experience. There are so many casinos in the vicinity of Nottingham and you might be wondering why you should prefer this casino over the rest.

About the Admiral Casino: The Lion

Well, there are a few reasons why you should consider this venue for your night time entertainment options.

Electronic slots

If you are a fan of electronic slots, this casino has a lot of options for you. At least, those who have gone to this casino say that they have a great selection when it comes to electronic slots. The game titles include the popular classics and also the latest releases. This is one of the best and most relaxing ways to gamble. If you have a specific preference in terms of themes, there is a high chance that you can find it here.

Daily offers

What is great about the Admiral Casino is the fact that you get a lot of offers on a daily basis. This is their way of encouraging their patrons to come for a visit as often as they can. The rewards that they offer are surely something that will attract, not just regular patrons, but also new gamblers. If the staff is informed that you are a new player, they will give you special treatment. In fact, there are special offers for new customers.

Food and beverages

All casinos have their own bars and restaurants. But in this casino, you can choose to have your food and drinks catered to you beside the machine you are playing. The gaming environment, in itself, is pretty impressive. But when you combine it with the service and the quality of food and drinks, you will be impressed.


Finally, this casino is easy to find and go to. It is right on Clumber Street with ample parking slots. The Trinity Square is also nearby. If you do not have a car, you can use the Tram Routes and Bus services.
As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should try out the Admiral Casino: The Lion in Nottingham. It is worth visiting one of these days – or nights.

What Nottingham Brick and Mortar Casinos Have over Virtual Casinos

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Visiting a casino for a game or two every now and then is an acceptable trend. Even though some people will argue that playing online will save money and time, Nottingham brick and mortar casinos are throwing in additional services to help them stay a step ahead. If you are the outgoing type, you will find these casinos an interesting destination as they give you more than just the games.


The most ancient inclusion into a modern day physical casino is a bar. Selling of drinks in a casino, therefore, is not new. However, standing up, walking to a counter and buying a can of beer is not as fancy as having an attendant bring the drink to your gaming table. Combine this with the availability of exquisite cocktails and you get a true companion to refresh you before, during and after the game.

A later inclusion in the munchies section of casinos is a restaurant. A restaurant with a mini casino was heard of, the other way round was a dream. With things changing, brick and mortar casinos have added fancy restaurants with classy food to the catalogue with the intent of capturing more cash from the pockets of the wealthy gamblers visiting on almost daily basis.

Even though these additions might sound petty, the convenience it gives to players on a gambling spree is huge. Since you will not have to take a long break to walk the streets looking for food, you save more time. The idea is to give you something your smartphone casino app cannot give you, a reason to stay in the casino, mingling with the crowd even as you grab a snack or a complete meal. But sometimes it’s just nice to stay at home and play at one of your favorite online casinos like LeoVegas for example. You can find free spins at LeoVegas here.

A notable game related difference is the organisation and hosting of local, national and international tournaments. Normally, you will visit a casino to take a shot at the gaming machines or perhaps play some strangers on the tables. However, with a number of Nottingham casinos focusing on hosting high-end tournaments, physical casino gamblers now have a chance at more games that are professional.

A poker tournament at the Dawn Till Dusk Casino, for instance, features higher stakes and will attract a whole lot of high fliers. This has two benefits to any gambler interested in professional gambling. One, you will be playing against professionals hence have better exposure and a complete taste of how the gurus think like. The second advantage is the heightened stakes. Your wins will yield more than they would have in a normal game.

Sometimes, choosing between a physical and virtual casino is a matter of preference. For people who find solace in silent games with no hype whatsoever, all the additions in Nottingham casinos mean nothing. However, for the true fun lover, the one would rather see his or her opponents and have an attendant bring in a tall cocktail whenever things go awry on the tables – the fancy physical casinos have the right customer service for you.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nottingham Casino

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Gambling is one of the most ancient pastime activities in human history. Despite this, the fact that gambling is a tricky business has prompted many governments to come up with rules to control the same. These rules, though sometimes intimidating, are there to ensure that both the casinos and gamblers coexist cordially. With a better part of the rules bound to the casino itself and rarely the player, choosing a good casino will ensure that you obey these rules by extension.


Before choosing a casino, therefore, you first have to check that it is legal. The Gambling Commission is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of casino operations. Choosing a casino that is licensed with this body increases the credibility of the casino. This is so since this body does rigorous vetting before issuing a certificate and will carry out continued inspection to ensure that the casino conducts business by the book.

Whilst gambling in a physical casino is more enjoyable, the freedom online casinos offer to players is notable. However, understanding that each of these gambling solutions has its own benefits and setbacks will help you make a sound choice between the two. Since a better part of the physical casinos are already embracing the online gambling trend, identifying a local Nottingham casino that offers both online and offline games is a possibility. Such a casino give you the flexibility and ability to enjoy your games in whatever way you please.

The other thing to consider when choosing your online casino is the number of games on offer. In physical casinos, game variability is a real setback since a casino can only offer as much as it can accommodate. Visiting casinos in person or going through reviews to see the number of games on offer, the availability of gaming tables and machines will help you choose the casino that will feed your gambling desires to the maximum. Even though casino game variety is an issue with offline casinos, online casinos will always put more than enough on your game variety platter.

While we cannot ignore the fact that some people gamble for fun, admitting that a better part of the gambling fraternity is interested in making money is inevitable. Consequently, this makes payout rates, payment processing and the security of your financial details a core factor in a good casino.

Looking for a casino with a reputation of processing payments and deposits fast will make all your transactions as fluid and desirable as possible. Moreover, a secured connection casino reduces the risk of losing your hard-earned cash or a catastrophic leak of financial related data.

Choosing the right casino, be it an online one or a land based Nottingham casino has direct impact on your game quality. Whilst most of the online casino reviews might coax you into believing that the reviewed casino is the best, a few tricks up your sleeve will always have you a step ahead. Subjecting each casino to close scrutiny before making your final decision will ensure that you are always playing in the best safest casinos Nottingham has on offer.


Enjoying Nottingham’s Casinos – In a Responsible Way

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Nottingham is an exciting city. It has been since the times of Robin Hood, the kind outlaw who robbed the rich to feed the poor, and remains so today in the era of exquisite casinos that give a chance for experienced gamblers to grow their fortunes off the different gaming tables and machines. Whilst this is an acceptable trade within town, understanding its risks and making informed decisions whenever you play will help you grow your fortune faster.


Many societies and governments ban gambling as it could be addictive and lead to unbecoming behaviour if not controlled. However, keeping the games within check and balancing your wins and losses perfectly is a sure way to making a fortune. Since Nottingham legislators understand that ruling out gambling would be futile, they prefer encouraging gamblers to be aware of what they do and take full control of their actions.

The simplest, yet most ignored activity mandatory to any gambler is running a balance sheet. This does not have to be a formal record parse but merely a record of the amount you make when out playing and the much you lose. A comparison of the two should help you identify the net profit or loss. Admitting that losses in gambling are normal and acceptable will let you enjoy the games and hope for brighter days in future.

However, keeping a cushion frame in terms of the amount of cash you can lose per unit time, for instance a month, will help you stay in control. Understanding that you do not necessarily have to make a profit will help you keep playing. Having a limit beyond which you cannot keep on making losses and tapping out once you hit this rock bottom will ensure that you do not gamble yourself into bankruptcy.

With the financial section of gambling on check, the next thing to consider is the possibility of addiction. Research findings from Gamble Aware, a UK based gambling responsibility organisation, has directly linked the hope of striking gold to addiction. By viewing gambling from a professional point of view, gamblers have a better chance of stopping the games when things are not running well and resuming later.

Whilst gambling is fun, recreational and captivating, people can still have fun without letting its intrigue cloud their judgement. Understanding your responsibilities and obligations to the society and setting up a clear plan to help accomplish them has always worked for many gamblers. Adhering to a strict code of honour, living by your predetermined budget, and gambling hours will ensure that you enjoy your games and still have a great social house.

Having your facts right before venturing into gambling, be it online or offline gambling, will help you keep everything in control. Whilst many gamblers do not believe in documenting their expenditures, your path to fame and richness must go down this path. Counting on luck to balance your wins and losses is quite optimistic as you will not have the will to stop before you spend more than you can afford. Armed with this discipline, you may venture out into the Nottingham night in order to make the best of its live casino offerings.